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Cost Reduction

Our industrialized manufacturing process facilitates significant cost savings over more traditionaly manufactured photovoltaic systems...

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Simplified Installation

With PWRStation your entire system comes preassembled (including PV modules, wiring and inverter)...

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Increased Security

Most people are unaware that conventional photovoltaic systems could pose a real danger to emergency personell in case of fire...

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BenefitsPWRstation are committed to offering consumers simple and efficient mounting and racking solution.

Use of New Spaces

The PWRStation's retractability and portability features are designated to take advantage of underutilized space like tennis courts, football and baseball fields, parking areas, remote operations, and temporary events. Spaces that can be used to produce energy when not in use.

Open Technology

PWRStation was designed to accommodate various types, brands, and sizes of solar modules*. In most markets, customers can choose the brand of photovoltaic modules they want for their PWRStation. The following is a list of current technology partners. Module manufacturers and integrators interested in joining the PWRStation team should contact us for details on how to become an authorized partner. Current PWRStation and partners include: iPhotonic Corp., Sunerg Solar, Eclipsall.


Schletter US Inc is the exclusive manufacturing partner for the PWRStation in the Western Hemisphere. (excluding Canada)


New Perspectives

Thanks to its modular and ergonomic design, the PWRStation can be used for unique co-branded applications. Contact us today If you're a professional organization looking to integrate the PWRStation with your product offering, or have an idea for integration (electric vehicles, chalets, bungalows, etc.). We are open to exploring opportunities for integration and collaboration.


Temporary (non permanent) site installations are typically not conducive to traditional photovoltaic options due to the high cost and complexity of installation. Conventional photovoltaic system are traditionally designed to be operated for 20 or 25 years in order to be considered profitable. The PWRStation revolutionizes this concept with its ease and speed of installation and teardown. This unique feature makes it possible to temporarily install one or more PWRStation units, on a job site or at a special event, for as long as necessary. When done, you just unplug your system, fold it, and take it to the next temporary site!


Co-Branded PWRstation

Thanks to its modular and ergonomic design, the PWRStation can be used for unique co-branded applications.

PWRstation military

Portable PWRstation

Temporarily install one or more PWRStation units on a job site or at a special event, for as long as necessary.


Military PWRstation

Many applications for army, disaster response, non profit and humanitarians actions.

PWRstation military


There's no need for complicated mounting systems, or installers spending days mounting and wiring one module at the time...


About us

We are a company based in Florida... the Sunshine State... and are feverishly focused on the development, production, and distribution of innovative and affordable solar technology. At the beginning of a business there are often questions and people who sought answers. In our case the persons were Robert Albertella and Ludovic Roche, and the questions were:

  • Why does Germany, a country with the same amount of sun on a yearly basis as Alaska, has a residential solar array system cost half that of the U.S.?
  • Why, if solar panel prices dropped significantly the whole-system cost has remained relatively high?

The answer is in the soft costs of solar PV — all the non-hardware-related costs of installing a solar PV system. Framed more concretely, in the U.S. you could give away solar panels for free and still end up paying nearly $20,000 for a residential system. That may seem absurd, but it’s our current reality. Continuing cost reductions on the module and hardware side of the solar equation will help solar become more widespread, but the real cost-reduction potential is on the soft cost side. That’s why we try to make our clients happy by using the best guidelines to design and develop our Solar generators.

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